At Oak & Primrose our passion is to fill your homes with beautiful hand made products.

By making each piece by hand in our Costa Mesa workshop we get the opportunity to take the time to make sure each product is finished to our high professional standards. 

Sustainability is our top priority. With the world becoming so overwhelmed with mass produced products and the waste this produces we are on the other side of the spectrum. Taking a more mindful approach in making our products to using locally sourced materials and minimizing our carbon footprint to bring you a truly unique product.

We hope that you will enjoy your lovely piece for a lifetime of use and to even pass them down to other generations. At Oak & Primrose each product is made by hand giving a unique and personal feel as you bring one of our pieces into your home you are continuing the tradition of hand made items crafted with love.

With a simple Scandinavian design and paying homage to the traditional craft, Oak & Primrose brings you beautiful original pieces.